About us


“A Commitment to Excellence in Service”

The S & F leadership team is led by a Kellogg MBA and former CIO with more than 17 years of industry experience in software solutions development, management consulting and IT services.

The S & F leadership team enables its clients to effectively and efficiently implement software technologies, develop strategies to support changing enterprise needs, and position themselves for future success by providing breakthrough software implementations and services.

From our technology services, our products, our consultative approach, to our focus on relationships – excellence is our mindset. At S & F we believe in nurturing long term relationships. In addition to bringing a team together with the right skills and experience, it is of the utmost importance for us to create a professional work environment based on respect, courtesy, and fairness. We are a company driven by values and experience. S & F is committed to the success of our customer, partners, and employees.

Our diverse business model, strategies, and expertise in IT industry put S & F in a strong position for growth. We look forward to continue to provide business solutions to our customers for their today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.

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